Our production practises go way beyond sustainable, in fact they are regenerative and benefit both the environment and the local people.

We offer our farmers and employees better than fair trade opportunities and good wages. Our business model involves actively reforesting degraded lands, by donating part of our profits towards reforestation projects of the Masarang Foundation

Our two main products, Arenga Forest Sugar, which is a healthier alternative to refined sugar and the highly beneficial and unique Illipe Butter are both sourced from the wild in their thriving ecosystems and from our own reforested lands. We therefore ensure, these beautiful habitats which are full of wildlife are protected from destructive and exploitative industries, for the generations to come.

In addition, we are spear heading a revolution in Biofuels with the help of the Arenga Pinnata, its a break through that has the potential to turn our global looming energy crisis into a problem of the past. Our production practices are designed to be totally closed looped, zero waste systems that mimic the processes found in nature.

PT Gunung Hijau Masarang was established in 2012 to support the Masarang Foundation by Dr Willie Smits.

Dr Willie Smits has devoted more than three decades to protecting the wildlife and rainforests of Indonesia. He has personally saved more than 1500 captive Orangutang's from devastating conditions and he has been behind the founding of more than 140 different reforestation projects, wildlife Rescue centers and environmental NGO's all across Indonesia's many islands. The surplus profits made by PT Masarang are intended to further the Masarang Foundations mission and efforts to restore degraded forests, protect endangered Asian wildlife and empower the local people.


We use the planet, people, profit approach to achieve our objectives.

It is our understanding that we can only make a significant positive impact on the environment if we have the local people on board and if their needs are being met. Unfortunately, in the world of today, people that are left with little option for economic gain will chose any way possible to obtain a living even if it means using destructive practices such as slash and burn agriculture and or selling their land to palm oil companies for short-term economic gain. Masarang strives to provide better alternatives for the planet and its people.

We operate our businesses to promote “Life in Harmony”.

It ensures that all of our operations promote the sustainable use of agriculture, our production methods are science based and we design and implement socially acceptable, economically feasible and ecologically sustainable production methods that are carried out by local people.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― R. Buckminster Fuller

Our Operations

We now operate several sustainable production outlets across Indonesia where we continue to train and empower locals who now promote best practices to protect and restore our natural environments, reduce pollution and bring certified organic and healthy products to the local and global market.


Our Team

We strive to work as much as possible with people who are part of the local community in and around the location of our production facilities. Our teams consist of both full time employees and temporary staff, levels of which fluctuate with the harvesting season. Meet the team and find out why they love working for PT Gunung Hijau Masarang.