Masarang is expanding its sugar production facilities to other parts of Indonesia. The first facility outside of Sulawesi island was opened in November 2015, not far from Sintang city, in West Kalimantan. In order to help as many farmers as possible plans are in place to build more of these units in other parts of Indonesia. Even though there are thousands of Arenga Pinnata trees around the production facility, until recently, the farmers had not tapped into their potential. Most locals were unaware of the possible source of income from the Arenga Pinnata and the knowledge of tapping these trees was not widely known in the area. Now that a production facility is in place, all farmers in the region have a place to go with their sugar juice and receive on the spot payment, every day, in many cases increasing the farmers’ income by 200-300%.


We consider ourselves to be ethical suppliers and we aim to be as transparent as possible with all our existing and prospective clients when sharing details on our production processes.