We choose only to partner with ethical businesses that share our values. Because we like to be transparent we have shared a list of our partners with you. If you like our products, share our values and are interested in becoming a partner, then please get in touch.

Amigos International is an importer and distributor of organic food, who focus on the impact of the people and the environment.  So we were over the moon when Amigos choose us as the supplier for organic Arenga sugar. 

Their online store offers a range of ethical goods to the European market, so if you live in that corner of the world take some time to visit their site.

We are extremely proud to have Straits Wholesale as one of our partners, after-all their philosophy mirrors our own.  Straits Wholesale, respect and treasure mother nature and humanity. They believe in the abundance and intelligence of Mother Nature and the sustainability of the whole ecosystem. While they understand that we all take from Mother Nature the best gifts to enhance our vitality, they aim to give back to her as well. Their business model always takes into consideration fair trade, sustainable agricultural practices, education and ethical use of food science and biotechnology.

If you have time to wonder over to their website, be sure to check out their delicious recipes.

A big retailer with big ethic's resulted in a big smile for us when Lush chose us to be one of their suppliers.  We love their business model which promotes 100% ethical buying and 100% vegetarian products.  They fight against animal testing and produce handmade products with naked packaging.  What more could you ask for?

Check out their online store, you won't be disappointed.

Masarang International is a Dutch foundation that was founded in 2011, with the goal to support the Masarang Foundation projects in Indonesia. In addition to their continuous support and promoting the work of the Masarang Foundation in Indonesia, they have also actively supported PT Gunung Hijau Masarang by promoting our Arenga Forest Sugar in the Netherlands.

Please check their website to find more information about the projects in Indonesia that were sponsored by Masarang International.

The Masarang Society in Hong Kong was established in 2010 by a group of dedicated volunteers based in Hong Kong to support the work of the Masarang Foundation in Indonesia, as well as the Sintang Orangutan Center in West Kalimantan. They have also enthusiastically promoted our Arenga Forest Sugar in Hong Kong, amongst others by promoting recipes using Arenga Forest Sugar, and also selling cookies with Arenga Forest Sugar for fundraising.

Please check their website to find out more about how the Masarang Hong Kong Society supports the work of the Masarang Foundation in Indonesia.

Orangutan Rescue, Netherlands, is another one of our amazing partners. This NGO is all about raising funds to support the Orangutan rescue, rehabilitation and release efforts that are taking place in Borneo, in the Sintang Orangutan Center


If you visit their online store you will find our Masarang Rainforest soaps along with some other goods that help to support the Orangutan's.

Shopping Prince, is a modern concept store in the Hague, Netherlands. This hip and trendy retailer is one of our newest partners and now a retailer of our Masarang Rainforest Soap.

If you happen to be in the area, be sure to pop into their beautiful store.

We couldn't be more delighted to have Holley as one of our partners. Holley is a young social entrepreneur who has created a movement to disrupt the destructive palm oil industry. Her mission is to spread kindness and joy, and to create a peaceful, sustainable world!

Support Holley and her worthy cause by visiting her website.

Would you like to become one of our partners?

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