Trying to do what's right for the planet and the people isn't always easy and we find ourselves faced with many challenges on a day to day basis. However, with the help of our Sponsors who share our vision and mission we can proudly take more steps closer to reaching our goals. We'd like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and welcome anyone who would like to support us in our mission to get in touch.

Pertamina is one of our long term sponsors and we couldn't be more grateful for their continued support. In 2015 we renewed our sponsorship with Pertamina in order to secure the steam supply of the factory for the future. The sugar factory in Tomohon runs solely on the leftover (waste) steam that is produced while producing geothermal energy in the Pertamina plant right next to the sugar factory, saving approximately 200.000 trees each year.

Pertamina operates an extensive CSR program, visit their website for more details.

The Dutch AKBH foundation is one of Masarang's long term sponsors. The funds they have been providing since 2012 has been put to fantastic use on multiple projects. These include; the construction of demonstration units for the production of sugar, ethanol and biogas. The development of an organisation in West Kalimantan and support for the expansion and continuation of Illipe butter production. In addition AKBH provide strategic and organisational advice.

In November 2015, the Masarang Foundation was able to open it's first palm sugar production facility outside of Sulawesi. AKBH provided funds to help support the build of this new facility in Palus, West Kalimantan, Borneo. As a result, support and improved income is now available for over 150 farmers in the area. By tapping into existing resources (Arenga Pinnata) we have managed to avoid the likely deforestation for the cultivation of unsustainable monoculture farming thus protecting the forests and local biodiversity.

Thank you AKBH foundation for your continuous support!

To find out more about AKBH and their support for the Masarang Foundation please visit their website

The Dutch Stichting Otter Founds, has been a sponsor of Masarang since 2012. Amongst others, they have sponsored the distribution of 60,000 sugar palm seedlings throughout the West Kalimantan province. In the near future, this will go on to provide more than 1,000 local farmers with a sustainable and steady income. Stichting Otter Founds have also sponsored the construction of the illipe nut factory in the village of Tembak and the rollout of workshops that will develop a community of illipe nut farmers across the West Kalimantan province. In addition they provide us with valued and appreciated advice. These projects have given hope to the local farmers, they now have an alternative to planting oil palm which requires high investments and the need to clear land to make place for the oil palms. Thank you Stichting Otter Fonds for your continuous support!

So you have probably noticed by now some truly amazing video footage on our website. If not then we highly recommend that you check out at least two of our mini movies; Village Hub: A Sweet Sustainable Solution and Solutions from the Jungle: The Tengkawang Factory. These movies have been scripted, directed and edited by the highly professional Raymond and Daniel at Beeldtaal. We are continuously blown away by their outstanding production quality and extremely grateful for all of the support they have given us over the years. Thank you Beeldtaal.

You can view more of their works at their website or on their youtube channel.

In 2015, Masarang received a grant from the LUSH Sustainable Enterprise Ecology Development (SEED) Grants Program, a part of the Sustainable LUSH (SLush) Fund. LUSH is dedicated to the practices of fair trade sourcing and supporting sustainable communities as well as giving back to organizations in the areas of animal rights, human rights and environmental conservation. Through this grant, Masarang has been able to further optimise the drying system in the illipe nut factory and therefore further increase production capacity.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank SLush for their support and wish them good luck with the continuation of this wonderful Grant Program!

PlanetFunder supports the earth restoration economy - the movements, people, projects and ideas that have the potential to restore the natural world.

Their mission is to fund the people and the best projects that have one common thread - they hold the biological integrity of Planet Earth at their core.

This enables Planet Funder to support a broad range of projects including environmental education, sustainable communities, renewable energy, permaculture, earth protection, ecosystem regeneration and more.

Planet Funder, in cooperation with Kodi Twiner, have raised funds for kickstarting the soap production development for one of our partners, Holley Somerville, who founded Tell Someone Who Cares and now produces illipe butter soap!

We would like to thank our kind sponsor Varuschka Reinsfield-Lord for the time she spent with us in Kalimantan to create stunning photography of our Tengkawang operation, and her husband Simon Lord for his tireless efforts when building the Tengkawang factory (and orangutan enclosures). 

If you would like to see more of Varuschka's work then please feel free to 

We would also like to thank our kind sponsor Guillaume Collanges, the founder member of Collective Argos for the time he spent with us in Sulawesi to provide powerful photography of our Sugar Factory Operation and for his book "Empreinte" that he produced for COP21 in Paris, in which the Masarang Foundation's work is featured. 

If you would like to see more of Guillaume's work or use his freelance services then please feel free to contact him via his website.

We were delighted when Anna & Olof from TheEcoquest decided to pay us a visit on their global world adventure. They were overwhelmed by all of the good work that we have been doing and couldn't help but offer their time and services to build and design us a brand new website. Not only that, but they have committed to offer their ongoing support for design, web and branding needs, we couldn't be happier.

To find out what Anna & Olof have been upto on their eco-travels take a trip to their website.

SPONSOR US...Masarang needs your support!

Other than supporting Masarang by buying Masarang’s products, there are also other ways you can help. Masarang is always looking for sponsors who are interested to support the activities of the Masarang Foundation and / or PT Gunung Hijau Masarang. For example by donating towards equipment for farmers such as a rocket stove, which allows farmers to cook the sugary juice in a very efficient way, using only one fifth of the amount of wood compared to other local homemade ovens. Or by funding an oil press, so we can collect illipe nuts from even more farmers and support even more communities.