Masarang Arenga Wood Flooring

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Arenga Pinnata wood is a beautiful flooring choice for any room in your home. The dark colour of this beautiful hardwood will create a cozy and warm feeling, it can look traditional or it can make your home appear extremely luxurious and contemporary. Live naturally and comfortably in your home with this premium quality, hardwood Masarang Arenga Palm flooring. With it’s exotic and ecological finish, Arenga Palm Flooring is an optimal choice for busy homes where durability needs to be guaranteed, furthermore due to the sustainability of our manufacturing processes you can feel good about making an environmentally friendly decision about your flooring.

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Milled from the solid wood of the Arenga Pinnata and with easy installation, this eco, hardwood flooring is provided “unfinished”, ready for you to apply your own stain or install in it's more original and natural looking form.
Arenga Pinnata wood is actually heavier than water and has a smiliar hardness to Ironwood. One of the factors that contributes to the hardenss of this wood is the tapping proccess that is carried out in order to harvest the sugary juice from these palms. The wood is only collected from the palms which are no longer producing juice and would traditionally be left to perish.
Guaranteed to add warmth, charm and character, Masarang Arenga flooring will also add value to your home. This practical flooring solution is easy to maintain, simple to clean and requires less maintenance than rugs and carpets.

We Love It Because

Simple sweeping and the occasional mop is all that is needed to keep your hardwood floor looking like new.

Easy to Install.


Natural, yet oozing sophistication.

We've Made It Like This

These floor boards have been made locally in Indonesia from the extremely hard outer section of the the Arenga Pinnata trunk, only at the point when the Palm tree has reached the end of it's natural lifecycle. The Arenga Pinnata has a relatively short life span of between 12 and 15 years. No Arenga Palm trees have been cut specifically to manufacture this flooring. Also at PT Masarang we actively promote and participate in the cultivation and rotation of the Arenga Pinnata, as such we consider this product to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

You Should Install & Maintain Like This

100% Arenga Pinnata

Standard sizes
75 cm long x 5 cm wide x 1 cm thick



How Your Purchase Helps

We work hand in hand with local Arenga Palm tappers to provide them with a stable source of income from the forest without harming the forest. As such the tappers are stimulated to conserve the forest because it is their source of income. PT Gunung Hijau Masarang and its sponsors also support the buying of forests with high conservation value around the areas where Masarang works, in order to preserve them for future generations.