Masarang Rainforest Body Butter


Masarang Rainforest body butter contains illipe butter, which is the best moisturiser of all natural butters. This body butter prevents drying of the skin which leads to development of wrinkles, reduces degeneration of skin cells, restores skin flexibility and elasticity, is skin softening and helps repair chronically dry, cracked skin. It can even be used to heal sores. And it smells awesome.

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Suitable for all skin types, Masarang Rainforest Body Butter, is made from Illipe Butter (Tengkawang fat), this ancient and little known magical ingredient comes from the deep depths of the Bornean jungle. For centuries it has been used as a healing cosmetic. Now in a silky body butter form, whipped with carefully blended Lemongrass and Ginger Essential oils before being infused with Vanilla and Cinnamon, this little pot of extreme luxury, is packed full of so much goodness, you won't be able to resist from spreading it all over your body.

We Love It Because

Unlike most other butters, Illipe butter has a high concentration of stearic en oleic acid, which are important for treating skin conditions, making Illipe butter quiet unique.

It softens the skin, prevents drying of the skin and reduces degeneration of skin cells, thus restoring skin flexibility.

The Illipe Butter and Virgin Coconut oil combined helps protect against UV-A and UV-B rays whilst the Aloe Vera Extract can help to calm burnt/irritated skin.

It's versatile, a great all year round body butter, use in the winter to sooth cracks and dry skin or in the summer to relieve sun stressed sun.

It's packed with delicious aroma's that are both warming, spicy and sweet.

The Tengkawang nuts from which Illipe butter is derived are wild harvested from the forests of Borneo, in a sustainable manner and ethically in association with the local Dayak tribes.

We've Made It Like This

Water, Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Illipe Butter, Beeswax, Blended Lemongrass and Ginger Essential Oil, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Bark.

Illipe Butter

Illipe Butter reinforces the skins lilidic barrier and helps maintain skin moisture.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Extract is great for soothing irritated and inflamed skin, it can reduce itching and calm sunburn.


Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger oil is known as a 'warming' oil and is said to be beneficial for stimulating arterial circulation. Stimulating yet grounding it can also relieve arthritic pains.

You Should Use It Like This

Best applied after a warm shower.

Apply to dry skin as often as required.

Stop using if there appears to be any signs of skin irritability.

How Your Purchase Helps

Illipe butter is a wild harvested product from the rainforests of Borneo.  Masarang works together with the Dayak people who have been protecting and living in these forests for centuries.  By buying this product, you do not only do your skin a big favour, but you also support the Dayak people to protect their forests.