Masarang Rainforest Soap

In our Masarang Rainforest range there are five different sense lifting, skin softening, soaps for you to choose from.  Select either Cajeput, Camphor, Lavender, Lemongrass or Peppermint.  Made with  Illipe butter, this is no ordinary bar of soap, luxurious and long-lasting, these soaps make the perfect ethical gift, a must have in everyones bathroom.

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Masarang Rainforest Lip Balm

Exposed daily to the elements, your lips deserve the best protection and repair care possible. The Masarang Rainforest Range has four different herbal blends, along with a natural Illipe Butter Lip Balm for you to choose from.  Everyone should have this natural and medicinal pot of goodness in their handbag, it's good for you and the planet.

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Masarang Rainforest Illipe Butter

Excellent for making soap, lip and body balms, creams, lotions, sunscreens and more, the unique Masarang Rainforest Illipe Butter is wild harvested from deep within the jungles of Borneo. With a chemical composition that is similar to cocoa and shea butter, this special Illipe Butter is very effective when it comes to repairing and protecting the skin.  We offer both crude and or de-colourised, triple filtered Illipe Butter, both of which are highly recommend for making various skincare products.

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Masarang Rainforest Massage Oil

Everyone should allocate some time for a full body massage every once in a while.  The physical and emotional benefits are well documented.  Now you can take that well deserved massage to a whole new level, with Masarang Rainforests Lemongrass and Ginger Illipe Butter Massage oil. Find yourself a good masseuse and your body and soul will be left feeling butterly brilliant.

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Masarang Rainforest Body Butter

Whether it's skin repair or skin protection that you need, Masarang Rainforest Body Butter, which is packed with Illipe Butter, can do both.  Renowned for preventing dry skin, restoring skin flexibility and elasticity whilst providing long lasting moisture it can also protect against UV-A and UV-B rays.  It's the Body Butter that is great at multi-tasking and is perfect for those who shop with an ethical and environmentally friendly conscience.

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Technical specifications

Appearance: Yellowish solid fat
Odor: Mild, nut-like odour
Peroxide value: 7.55
Acid Value: 11
Iodine value: 33.2
Saponification value: 191.5
Relative Density (40/40ºC): 0.8995
Refractive index nD40: 1.4562
Slip Melting point: 35.3ºC

Incase You Didn't Already Know

Proceeds from the sales of these products goes towards supporting the Masarang Foundations heroic efforts to improve the local peoples welfare, to protect endangered animal's and to restore and reforest wild habitats. Please take some time to visit our sister sites to see how your purchase is helping to make a difference.


Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre