ShoppingPrince become the first Masarang Rainforest Soap retailer in the Netherlands

PT Gunung Hijau Masarang recently launched it's “Rainforest Cosmetics” range. The first products in this range includes, bars of soap, which are available in five different fragrances and a collection of lip balms in four different flavours. On the 27th of August 2016, the Shopping Prince in The Hague, promoted the sale of Masarang Rainforest Soap in the Netherlands during a special launch event. The event was opened by Dutch-Indonesian singer and actress Wieteke van Dort.

Masarang Rainforest Soap is made of only natural ingredients. Unlike most other soaps, the soap does not contain palm oil, but is made with alternative natural oils such as illipe butter, coconut oil and castor oil. Fragrance is added using only pure essential oils. We believe that all cosmetics can be produced using only natural materials that do not cause any harm to the environment, using “zero waste” production systems.

For example, our illipe butter is made from wild harvested nuts that are collected from the forest after they fall down from the tree. The nuts are then dried in the sun or in our zero waste production facility in a small Dayak village in the Indonesian part of Borneo. These dried nuts are pressed in oil presses to obtain the precious oil. This oil is then left to solidify and become illipe butter, which forms one of the main ingredients of the Rainforest Soap. In contrast to palm oil, illipe butter contributes to the conservation of the rainforest and it’s biodiversity and therefore contributes to saving orangutans.

Rowena Schaeffer, who has volunteered at Masarang’s Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center, has introduced the soap to the concept store ShoppingPrince in The Hague. According to the founders of the shop, Maguerite Tachet and Alain Snijders, customers are directly enthusiastic about the soap. “Customers find the story very appealing; that the soap really comes from the rainforest, that it provides jobs for the local people, but mostly that part of the profit is donated towards rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned orangutans. Customers directly want to share this story with others, and have become the best ambassadors!”