About the Masarang Foundation

Founded in 2001 by Dr. ir. Willie. Smits, the Masarang Foundation focuses on nature conservation through collaboration with and development of the local population. Finding solutions for the most urgent global problems of our time; deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change, poverty and underdevelopment. If you would like to support the Masarang Foundation, there are many ways you can get involved. From sponsorships and donations to fundraising and volunteering; all contributions are vital to ensure we can continue to implement our ingenious and effective solutions to global problems.

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Help restore rainforests by sending us a donation

The activities of the Masarang Foundation may take place in Indonesia but they play a global role. After all, the problems in Indonesia have an impact on the entire planet. Ongoing deforestation is leading to massive carbon dioxide emissions with great consequences for climate change and the environment. Masarang is tackling these issues at their heart and works to find sustainable solutions which will work long-term. Masarang is reforesting in both Sulawesi and in Borneo. With the principles of agroforestry, which is an ecologically responsible farming system, forest cover is maintained alongside sustainable production of food and other natural resources. This method helps improve the economic, environmental and social value of the forest, ensuring that the local people will protect it for generations to come.

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Help protect endangerd animals by volunteering at tasikoki wildlife rescue centre

Over the years, more than 110 different protected species, from all over the Indonesian archipelago and beyond, have been intercepted before being smuggled out of the country. These animals, many of which are endangered, undergo refuge and rehabilitation at the Tasikoki Wildlife and Rescue centre where they will remain until the possibility of a release becomes available. These animals desperately need your help and contribution as a volunteer. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding experience visit the Tasikoki website for full details of the volunteering program.

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Empower local communies by sponsoring a child.

Since 2001, this program has supported hundreds of children to a high school eduction, whom otherwise would have been forced to start working at a very early age. These children, now have a better chance of escaping poverty, their future will be brighter. The Masarang Foundation selects underprivileged children who live within close proximity to degraded landscapes to receive a one year scholarship. In addition to the scholarship, extracurricular activities such as English classes and environmental studies are offered. The children are even encouraged to collect climate data, plant trees and join nature clubs.

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A Global Foundation

The Masarang Foundation is integrated into the local community in Indonesia, with a workforce of approximately 50 employees. In December 2010 Masarang International was founded in the Netherlands and Masarang Hong Kong was also established. It's board of members and collaborators are all volunteers who aim to promote awareness and raise funds for the foundation. The foundation and some of it's employees have received a number of awards over the years.

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Objectives & Approach

The Masarang Foundation has four core objectives; conservation of Indonesia's unique biodiversity, conservation and restoration of Indonesia's Rainforest, improved opportunities for local development and sustainable use of agriculture and production methods. The foundation achieves these objectives by taking balanced and integrated approaches, designing innovative solutions and being part of the local community.

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